The World is Quarantined. There are no shows anywhere. BUT, you can still have Perry Kurtz to do a Live Virtual Comedy and Music Show at Your location and he doesn't enter your building.

Now you can have The Humor Experience where Perry will enlighten you and your people on "Funny". Why and how is it funny, and how to bring more humor into yourself AND your life. You will actually become funny and this will change everything.

Vintage Entertainment
By Perry Kurtz
Providing Clean Interactive Public/Keynote/Motivational Speaking
written for your event,
Plus Personalized Comedy & Music for Weddings, Birthdays, Funerals, Private and Corporate Events, Seniors, Convalescents, Unions, Schools, Colleges, Children & Everyone Else

Perry Kurtz is The #1 Provider of Funny Interactive Non-Offensive
Speaking, Entertainment and Motivation for Any Event and Everyone!

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Public Speaking, Keynote Speaking, Motivational Speaking,
or all 3 together.

With 46 years as a full time working professional comedian entertaining every possible type of crowd around America, public speaking was a logical, and suggested tangent. Also, working one-on-one with Robin Williams for 100's of hours over 10 years, has given me the ability to change instantly, with the mood of the audience, and be the person they need me to be to get the message across without ever offending anyone.
Every group of people is different. And they change quickly in a short amount of time. I will create a speech based on your needs, laced with subtle motivation, interaction, and humor, to express and entertain your people in the way YOU need.

If you have any questions, comments, or thoughts about myself or these pages, email me at
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