The World is Quarantined. There are no shows anywhere. BUT, you can still have Perry Kurtz to do a Live Virtual Comedy and Music Show at Your location and he doesn't enter your building.

Now you can have The Humor Experience where Perry will enlighten you and your people on "Funny". Why and how is it funny, and how to bring more humor into yourself AND your life. You will actually become funny and this will change everything.

Vintage Entertainment
By Perry Kurtz
Providing Clean Interactive Public/Keynote/Motivational Speaking
written for your event,
Plus Personalized Comedy & Music for Weddings, Birthdays, Funerals, Private and Corporate Events, Seniors, Convalescents, Unions, Schools, Colleges, Children & Everyone Else

Perry Kurtz is The #1 Provider of Funny Interactive Non-Offensive
Speaking, Entertainment and Motivation for Any Event and Everyone!

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Live Clean Comedy for All People
Perry Kurtz
Comedian and Corporate Entertainer

Perry on New Years Eve at family show

Do YOU need entertainment without dirty jokes?

Comedian Perry Kurtz brings a highly refined sense of humor, musical comedy, and much more to all of his audiences. Each show contains material written specifically for your event, along with his hilarious views on life and the world we live in, tons of audience interaction, and music to close the show.

Before each show, when applicable, Perry gathers information on your event and organization, to create a one-of-a-kind multi-media comedy experience that will never be forgotten.

As most of Perry's material is created on the spot influenced by the current actions OF the audience AS it happens, each show is different.

It begins, when applicable, as a light-hearted roast of notorious attendees that are known throughout the group for unusual behavior or quirks. Perry then invites the audience to throw in their own comments, while moderating to be sure no one is offended. The remainder of the show is material that has been tried and true for all types of audiences. Perry Kurtz is also available to host/emcee any events you may be presenting. These shows are also great for fundraising.

At any event, companies want to be assured that the show content will be appropriate for their audiences as well as entertaining for all. Perry has over 8 hours of appropriate material, along with music, sound effects, characters, and improvisation, and has appeared at numerous comedy clubs, corporate events, private parties, musical concerts & festivals, and outdoor festivals, each with a large variety of age groups. 

As a professional comedian of over 45 years, Perry has performed in almost every venue imaginable. From Comedy Clubs, to Rodeos, Weddings, Funerals, to The Formal Black and White Ball for The Vice President of the United States, and U.S. Military Bases in Asia, Perry has brought laughter to people around the world. 

Need to see what the shows look like?
This is a 5 minute demo of a family show in Anaheim for a crowd of 300+. 
5 Minute Demo

Here is a link to a 65 minute show for an Elks Lodge with over 150 people including children.
Hour Plus Elks Lodge Show

If you have any questions, contact Perry at

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