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 Video Demos & Pictures Page

Please click on the following pictures, or the Title above each,
to view videos ranging from 2 minutes to over an hour of Vintage Entertainment Shows.

(For your protection, DO NOT hire a performer, especially a comedian, without seeing what they do. There are many performers/comedians
claiming they can entertain ALL TYPES OF PEOPLE, who have not played a GP or non-nightclub event, are not sensitive to the people in the crowd, and end up upsetting the audiences. Always see a video of their show)

Disclaimer: These videos, amongst many others, are on hosted YouTube at Vintage Entertainment by Perry Kurtz.
Please be aware, that other videos displayed on the internet other than THIS channel may NOT reflect the content of my Vintage Entertainment Shows.
A Vintage Entertainment Show is ALWAYS Family Friendly.
These shows typically are what I can provide for you.

Click here for --> Non-Senior G Rated Shows

Senior & Convalescent Shows

  Videos are listed by overall viewing time, with the newest at the top. Click the title to view in a separate window.

Brookdale Riverwalk Convalescent Show with Workers in the way. 42 mins.

Lake Park Placentia 58 mins.

Closing the show at Aegis Memory Care - 2 minutes

Belmont Village Sabre Springs - 5 Minutes Edited

The Piedmont in Valley Village - 8 Minutes Edited

28 minutes opening the Show at Village on The Green

34.5mins. at Pacifica Northridge Memory Care

36 minutes for The Lancaster Elks Party

NEW!! Wellspring Post Acute Center - Lancaster, CA  36.5 minutes

42 Minutes at a Claremont Convalescent Center

Galilee Pavilion, Philadelphia, PA 46mins

Aegis Granada Hills 46mins

47 Minutes at University Village

47 Minutes at Costa Neuporte

48 Minutes at The Atria Del Sol St. Patty's Day Party

50 Minutes at a Rehab Center

52 Minutes at Scholl Canyon Estates in Glendale

Valencia Lea in Highland 52 minutes

54 Minutes at Brookdale Santa Monica Newbies Party

55 Minutes at Village on The Green in Rancho Cucamonga


57 Minutes @ Creekview Senior Living in Orange

58 Minutes at Arcadia Place

58 Minutes at Cityview New Years Eve

58 Minutes at Rancho Cucamonga

1 Hour at Chateau La Jolla in San Diego

1 Hour at Lake Los Serranos Mobile Estates

60 minutes at Valley Oaks Village - Palmdale

1 Hour at Impressions Senior Apartments - Palmdale

 1 Hour 1 minute at Paradise Village's Liberty Hall

1hour 5mins @ The Village in Hemet

   67 Mins. in Cerritos - Listen to the lady at the end.

  1 hour 9 minutes back at The Village in Hemet

1:13hrs at Lake Park Brea  


Non-Senior G Rated Shows

The last 4 minutes at a Hospital in Lancaster

5 Minutes of a Family Show in Anaheim over 300 attendees

6.75mins.The Squeaky Clean Children's Bible Show

20mins Duke Power Corporate Party,
South Carolina
with Roast of the Officers

30 minutes at The Elks Lodge in Lancaster

33 mins Oakwood Family Talent Show

36 Minute New Years Eve Show at The Canyon Crest Winery

44 Minutes at The Thousand Oaks Elks Lodge AGAIN
Active crowd.

 Wedding Reception Show
(from a distance with people blocking the frame a LOT, with material written for the party)

Maxine's 99th Birthday Party 58mins.

Thousand Oaks Elks Lodge - 66 Minutes 
(This is the show for active crowds)


These shows are for all types of Lodges, public and private events, concerts, and any gathering of humans.

All material is chosen and created for THAT group's needs and sensibilities.

Other Video and Shows

On Let's Make A Deal


Hugging Jay on The Tonight Show    Comedy Central Logo    


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